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Huatang Xin Sewing Machine (Cambodia) Sale & Service Co., Ltd – Grand opening

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Huatang Xin Sewing Machine (Cambodia) will be opening at 09:58AM on 29th September 2018,  Cambodia local time. We’d like to thank those friends who have been following and supporting Huatang all the time, it is thanks to your continuous support and recognition that there is the Huatang of today. As the after-sale service centre in Cambodia, we will take service as our top priority to offer both high-quality sewing machines and the professional and enthusiastic after-sale service to all our customers. Huatang sincerely welcome your visit.


Activity address: #98 ,street 2005,Phum dei thmey, Songkat kuk khlang, Khan Sen Sok , Phnom Penh, Cambodia (solo exhibition)

Activity date and time: From 10 AM to 4 PM, 29th September 2018


To thank all the friends for attending this event, after the activity we also organised a dinner party to receive everybody

Dinner address: Old Place Seafood Restaurant, Hall V3 and V5, (Mao Zedong Boulevard, Road 345, No. 113-cd – in front of the PRC embassy – Phnom Penh

Dinner date and time: 06.18 PM, 29th September 2018

Contact name: Mr. Chang Weiguo

Tel: (8613906295628  070292288  0888092288

Contact name: Ms. Wang Shumei

Tel: 010961916  017961916