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Huatang Cultivation Talent

Sewing machinery sector in the clothing industry and sewing equipment industry, held a management seminar and other personnel training. The program for various seminars has been planned. Up to now, many speakers have been invited to the seminar. Not only clothing factories, but also clothing sales staff in large department stores and senior brand sales staff, as well as various buyers, designers, business associations and other industries.

Consultations on Production Management

A production management expert from the institute directly visits a customer's factory, investigates and analyzes the factory operations and offer appropriate suggestions for improving the productivity. We also conduct consulting activities through public organizations. Contact us to make the most of our consulting services.

Management Seminar

Discussion training for the delay of production delivery, diversification of production specifications, lack of education opportunities for workers and other issues, the basis of shaft production management, cultivate the ability to solve problems. There are also "production management practices" which are needed by enterprises to promote more convenient practice combined with practice.

Private Seminar

According to the customer's request, visit the factory directly and hold the seminar. Please consult in advance about the contents of the seminar.